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#pathological person

#pathological person

Purity Ring

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Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Friday. Such excitement.

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Top 5: Thank you’s

There is research (I will post the link when I find it) that says that actually just posting five things one was thankful for the whole day can actually improve one’s mood and outlook in life. So I am going to try this out starting today.

Thank you:

  1. I had a productive day with my group mates. Albeit encountering some issues before, today we reached some form of consensus on how to act on a group project.
  2. One of the people that we will be interviewing for the said group project agreed for a meeting and a tour of his factory. I have a good feeling about this since I will be speaking with him face to face and I might leave a good impression that might help me with my future endeavours.
  3. My new credit card worked! I know it’s really simple but I have not used it before and I was just happy that it just worked.
  4. A lady whom I helped close the door for called me a “rare gentleman.” I kind of not deserve it since I did use the door anyway and I was the last one to come in, but the fact that this lady was so grateful to me and called me that just boosted my mood.
  5. I am happy that I actually had the motivation to write this thing. Usually I’ll be on a useless site searching for mind-numbing facts and what-nots, but today I felt that I should start writing again.

So here are my top 5 Thank you’s for today. Maybe no one will have the time to actually read this whole blog post, but if you did, I highly encourage you to start writing your top 5 Thank you’s too. Who knows this might help you with your mood too. :D

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At the biggest classroom in Canada (maybe North America?) #UofT  (at Convocation Hall)

At the biggest classroom in Canada (maybe North America?) #UofT (at Convocation Hall)

My view right now. #toronto

My view right now. #toronto

My brother made a Jenga tree

My brother made a Jenga tree

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Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel give an impromptu performance of “The Confrontation” from Les Misérables

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